Lawd! Monique & Husband Releases Tyler Perry's Secret Phone Conversation

June 27, 2018 - 10 views

Auntie Monique has had enough of the Hollywood games and bullsh*t. The famed actress who we all love and adore just released some secret recordings of a phone coversation with Tyler Perry.  You may need a glass of wine for this one. 

In the audio recording exclusively obtained by Rolling Out, Perry admitted that the "difficult to work with" reputation that Mo'Nique has since garnered from outside sources was unfair.  He even went on to say that he would compensate the actress additonally for her role in Precious, which Mo'Nique said never came to fruition. 

"This is Tyler Perry talking," he said.  "I'm gonna call and find out what money is coming in from Precious, and I'm goign to send that to you. I'm going to send that over to you. Whatever it is, I'm gonna send it to you."

You can here the entire conversation here





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